MGH High-precision series CMM

Our Precision CMM has the adoption of the pattern of airtight gantry support, which is the exclusive pattern in high-precision and compact CMM. It is composed of fixed gantry and mobile worktable, whose firm mechanical structure guarantees the optimal rigidity, stability and minimal vibration. All ensure the supreme measuring precision in the entire measuring spatial area. It is configured with the world famous high-quality specific 3-D CMM control system and the world highest level self-owned intellectual property of AC-DMIS software, which makes it become the highly appreciated product by comparing with its competitive price and high practical quality. It will meet customer’s challenging demand with a comprehensive measurement solution.


2.1 CMM (COORDINATE Measuring Machine)



Model Measuring Range(mm) MPE/E (μm) MPE/P (μm)
786 700×800×600 1.2+L/400 1.5
8106 800×1000×600 1.2+L/350 1.5
10128 1000×1200×800 1.5+L/350 1.8
121510 1200×1500×1000 1.8+L/350 2.0