Water purifier

The water purifier can be divided into two parts: Water softening Machine (WSM), which is for your whole unit, such as a hotel, a family and a company. Once the water is softened, it becomes cleaner and cannot get any stains or stoppage in your wash basin, toilets and shower head etc. Water Purifier (WP),[…]


Ultrasonic Flaw Detector AS-4

Special Feature AS-4 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is a small portable detector, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, high-brightness selection rectangle , with a frequency bandwidth, high sensitivity, AC-DC dual-use, low power consumption, small size , light weight, reasonable structure, convenient operation and so on. The instrument performance is stable, reliable, applicable to all kinds of[…]

2.8.1 YY-80YY-80A POWER TILLER-1


This power tiller adopt belt to transmission, it can extend the using life of this machine. It also have a light weight and low oil consumption. The engine of this power tiller is researched by our company and holds multinomial patents. It can reduce your cost in use. This type of power tiller can cultivate[…]

3.2.3 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TT100

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TT100

TT100 is a hand held microprocessor controlled thickness gauge. Specifically designed for measuring the thickness of metallic and non-metallic materials e.g. aluminum, titanium, plastics, ceramics glass and other good ultrasonic wave-conductor as long as it has parallel top and bottom surfaces. With uses in many areas of industry TT100 can perform precise, measurements on various[…]

2.1 CMM (COORDINATE Measuring Machine)

MGH High-precision series CMM

Our Precision CMM has the adoption of the pattern of airtight gantry support, which is the exclusive pattern in high-precision and compact CMM. It is composed of fixed gantry and mobile worktable, whose firm mechanical structure guarantees the optimal rigidity, stability and minimal vibration. All ensure the supreme measuring precision in the entire measuring spatial[…]